2019/20 Brisbane Capitals Under 14 Representative Team Trials (MALES Born: 2007 & 2008)

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2019/20 Under 14 Boys BRONZE Team
2019/20 Under 14 Boys GOLD Team
2019/20 Under 14 Boys SILVER Team


From 27-Aug-2019 to 30-Nov-2019

Days & Times

Please select up to 3 sessions.
Once a time slot is full you will be asked to make another choice.

Sunday, 13-Oct-2019 07:15 AM to 09:30 AM Auchenflower Stadium Crts 1 & 2 Under 14 - Males (Born: 2007 & 2008)
Sunday, 20-Oct-2019 07:15 AM to 09:30 AM Auchenflower Stadium Crts 1 & 2 Under 14 - Males (Born: 2007 & 2008)
Sunday, 03-Nov-2019 07:15 AM to 09:30 AM Auchenflower Stadium Crts 1 & 2 Under 14 - Males (Born: 2007 & 2008)

I hereby agree to assume all risks and responsibilities surrounding my (or my child's) participation in the program under the instruction of Brisbane Basketball Incorporated coaches. I understand that similar to all sporting activities, there is a risk of damage to personal property, injury or death which may result from causes beyond the control of, and without fault or negligence of Brisbane Basketball Incorporated, its officers, agents, or employees, during the period of my (or my child's) participation. I understand completely the above agreement and agree to be bound thereby. By registering on our site you agree that we may send you email related to our facilities and programs. We will not provide your details to any other company.



Payment Method

There are no refunds for any enrolments into Brisbane Basketball Incorporated related programs. When you sign/tick confirmation for this enrolment you are acknowledging that you know this as a fact and have accepted it as a condition.
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2019/20 Rep Team Trials - Questions (U14 Males)

Basketball Queensland has robust controls around each players eligibility to trial and play for an Association competing in the BQJBC and State Championships. Fines and Sanctions are in place for both players and parents/guardians and Associations who breach Basketball Queensland Transfer Policy (for more information visit the Basketball Queensland website and refer to the Transfer Policy: http://basketballqld.com.au/resources-policies-2/#1462245489067-dc73f338-e498).

1. You understand to be eligible to represent the Brisbane Capitals in the representative season your child MUST be registered with BBI and playing (min. 50% of eligible games) in the BBJBC Championship Season in their correct Age Group (unless exempt) as per the calendar year (Only exemption is when a player moves from a location outside a radius of 100km from BBI Offices):
Exemptions should be addressed to the BBI Performance Program and Pathway Manager and are assessed on a case-by-case basis by BBI Management. BBI holds to strict guidelines on issuing exemption requests and reserves the right not to approve exemption requests that do not sufficiently meet requirements.
2. Which Brisbane Basketball (BBI) Club have you been playing for during the BBI Junior Championship Season?
Lang Park
West Brisbane Falcons
Western Magic
North Brisbane Dragons
Brisbane Grammar
St James
If you answered "Other" please provide details:
3. Which Association did you last play Representative (BQJBC, State Championships or Other State/Territory competition) Basketball for?
Brisbane Capitals
Sunshine Coast Clippers
SunCoast RIP
Northside Wizards
Southern Districts Spartan
South West Pirates
Logan Thunder
Ipswich Force
Toowoomba Mountaineers
Gold Coast Waves
Runaway Bay SeaHawks
Have not played for an Association before.
If you answered "Other" please provide details:
4. Will you be trialing with another association this season (2019/20)?
5. BBI no longer accepts Permission to Train Forms for players from other associations wishing to be considered for team selection. All players who have previously played representative basketball for another Association and now wish to be considered for selection to a Brisbane Capitals representative team are required to have received an approved BQ Player Transfer BEFORE final team selections.
Refer to the Basketball Queensland Transfer Policy located at:http://basketballqld.com.au/resources-policies-2/#1462245489067-dc73f338-e498
Yes, I have completed this form and submitted to BQ prior to attending the first trial
No, I have not completed this form (you will need to complete and submit this form BEFORE the first trial)
N/A (Select if the Brisbane Capitals was the LAST Rep Team your child played for, OR, you have not played representative basketball before).
6. If you wish to change from your current association to Brisbane, you will need to complete a "BQ Player Transfer Form".
If in doubt, refer to the Basketball Queensland Transfer Policy located at:http://basketballqld.com.au/resources-policies-2/#1462245489067-dc73f338-e498
Yes, I understand and will provide BBI a copy of the approved BQ Player Transfer Form prior to the first trial date.
N/A (I have not played representative basketball for another association other than the Brisbane Capitals)
N/A (I have not yet played representative basketball before)

2019/20 Rep Team Trial - Question (U14 Age Groups): Males

Brisbane Basketball Inc. provides for three (3) teams per gender in the Under 14 age group with the third team in each age group dependent on factors outlined in the Team Selection Policy.

The teams are designated GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE.

In the past, a handful of players who have missed out on selection to a GOLD team have chosen not to accept an offer of selection to a SILVER team and similar with a BRONZE team. This is entirely the right of any player attending trials. However, to improve the management of the selection process, the promotion of selections during trials, and avoid inviting players to teams that they do not wish to be considered for, the following questions is required to be answered. 

If you are NOT selected to the GOLD team, do you intend to make yourself available for selection consideration to the SILVER team?
If you are NOT selected to either the GOLD or SILVER teams, do you intend to make yourself available for selection consideration to the BRONZE team?

Brisbane Basketball Inc., Brisbane Capitals Junior Representative Program - Team Selection Policy Sign Off (2019/20) U14 Male Athletes

TERMS & CONDITIONS refer to the detail of the Team Selection Policy and include the commitment and expectation requirements of players post selection; such as:

- Attendance at Team Practices, Activities and Meetings

- Attendance at State Championship Pre-Departure Camps 

- Availability and Attendance at ALL BQJBC events including: Grading Games, WildCard Challenges, Swap-Over Games, Regular Season Games and Finals Games

- Availability and Attendance at the State Championships (including acceptance of Team Travel and Accommodation requirements for State Championships - refer to Team Travel and Accommodation Policy). 


Additional expectations include:

- Player Behaviour: in line with the Brisbane Capitals Core Values and BQ Codes of Behaviour and Social Media Policy.

- Apparel: Players required to wear approved Brisbane Capitals Training (Caps Reversible and Playing Shorts) and Game (Playing Shorts, Singlet and Warmup Top) apparel to team Practice and Games. Note: Individual teams will set team uniform considerations for before and after game attendance, team travel, and special team events (i.e. Caps T-Shirt and jeans or dress shorts with closed in shoes). Further, teams are required to dress smart-casual for the end of year awards luncheon. 

- Appropriate Communication: with Coaching Staff on Practice or Game absenteeism (i.e. 24hr prior to event, phone call is preferred), injury and illness. 

By registering your child to trial for a Brisbane Capitals representative team, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the Brisbane Basketball Inc. Brisbane Capitals Junior Representative Program –Team Selection Policy (Provided below).
By registering your child to trial for a Brisbane Capitals representative team you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the Team Selection Policy?
You acknowledge that Brisbane Capitals Representative Teams are preparation and performance based teams competing at the highest level (in age group) in Queensland. Although it is a requirement each player is provided on-court opportunities (including practice as well as competition), selection to Brisbane Capitals Representative Teams does not guarantee your child consistent or equal court time.
Player court time is managed by Brisbane Capitals Volunteer Coaches based on a number of variable factors that may change from game to game due to a number of environmental and team considerations. It is not an expectation of BBI nor the Brisbane Capitals Performance Program to award each player "equal" court time. Note: the Brisbane Capitals aim to support player development in all Under 12 teams and the Under 14 Silver and Bronze teams with a "balanced approach" to court time, considering the individual context of the game - i.e. elimination game or final - and each players developmental needs and abilities.
In the case of any appeal, you acknowledge that you will follow the appeals procedure set out in the policy (section 11) and will not pursue any action in the Civil Courts in relation to the selection.
Parent/Guardian signature (using your mouse or finger - if touch screen - sign in the space provided).




The Brisbane Capitals Performance Program is the elite basketball program of Brisbane Basketball Inc. (BBI) and grouped into two programs: Senior Performance Program (QBL, SBL and U21) and Junior Performance Program (U18 - U12). Brisbane Capitals Junior and Senior Representative Teams span the entire participation, development, and performance spectrum and cater for children (U12's) through to older adolescents and adults (QBL, U18's etc.). The Junior Representative Teams form an important part of the Brisbane Capitals Performance Program framework; which involves the careful planning and synchronisation of player development, performance and progression from U12 – QBL (dependent on selection). It forms an essential pathway for players and coaches to progress onto State and National Performance Programs. Consequently, the Junior Representative Team Program provides further developmental avenues for our Coaches, as well as Players.



At the junior (U12 - U18) and introductory senior (U21, SBL) level, the BQJBC and State Championships provide competition at the very highest level in Queensland and are of importance and relevance in developing successful players in preparation for Australian Club Championships (U14) and Australian Junior Championships (U16 – U20). At the senior level, the QBL provides competition underpinning the Women's and Men's National Basketball Leagues. BBI is committed to selecting players capable of being competitive at the representative level or who demonstrate the future capacity to perform at the representative level of higher. 


Comment on Project Player Considerations: Due to the late-specialisation nature of basketball and the importance of nurturing the development of late developers, it is important to note that both the Talent Confirmation (GOLD) and Talent Development (BRONZE/SILVER) teams are strongly encouraged to identify and select project players where appropriate. Many qualities that distinguish top athletic performers in adulthood do not appear until late adolescence, including: aerobic power, muscular strength, motor skill execution, perceptual-action coupling, game understanding, strategy and awareness (commonly known as Basketball IQ). As the Brisbane Capitals provide teams that look at the future progression of players (12 - 36 month period) it is essential to be mindful that innate, pre-adolescent and adolescent characteristics do not automatically translate into exceptional performance in older adolescence or adulthood. This is particularly evident with the transition from Under 14's to Under16's & Under 18's; consequently, selectors are encouraged and provided guidance to consider players that, although may not be "performing" against their peers in their junior age groups, do present with unique skills, talents, and athleticism that align them to future exceptional performance.


3. OBJECTIVE (Junior Teams)

To select two Talent Confirmation (GOLD) Teams of 10 players per each age group (1 female and 1 male) as the Premier Representative Team for that age group to compete in division one of the BQJBC and State Championships. In addition, dependent on depth of talent and available coaching expertise, select a minimum of two Talent Development (BRONZE/SILVER) Teams of 10 players in each age group (min. 1 female and 1 male) in support of BBI's commitment to broaden and deepen the talent pool for future Talent Confirmation teams in the next 12 - 36 months.



To ensure a transparent selection process, BBI has set out specific eligibility criteria to be applied across all Brisbane Capitals Junior Representative Teams. This is to make certain the selection of players is fair and in accordance with the above objectives. To be eligible for selection to a Brisbane Capitals Junior Representative Team, players must meet the following BEFORE the team is announced:

4.1. Players are required to meet BBI eligibility prerequisites outlined in section 3.2 of the BBJBC rules

4.1.1. Must be a registered member of BBI; 

4.1.2. Must be a registered member of a BBI Club;

4.1.3. Must be playing in the Brisbane Basketball Junior Basketball Competition (BBJBC)

"Championship Season" with the correct age group as per the calendar year; 

4.1.4. Must play a minimum of 50% of games in the BBJBC "Championship Season" with

their correct age group as per the calendar year;

4.1.5. Players who move from a Queensland location outside a radius of 100 kilometres from the BBI offices at Auchenflower, including inter-state and international relocation to Brisbane, can apply to the BBI General Manager for exemption to clause 4.1. In the event the exemption is granted, the player must join a BBI Club immediately.

4.2. Players must be financial with BBI;

4.3. Age of players according to the two-year age determination of each team;

4.4. Players must register for trials via online form (or printed PDF); parents/guardians must agree to the Team Selection Policy before commencing trials; player and parent sign-off on the Team Selection Policy and additional considerations;

4.5. Players must attend trial events as determined by BBI or have been approved a trial exemption if not able to attend trial events;

4.6. Players must be available to attend the competition events for BQJBC and State Championships; 4.7. Players must be available to attend scheduled weekly practice sessions for respective teams (including no more than two compulsary practices sessions per week); and,

4.8. For players invited to take part in a Representative Team, the player, parent/guardian must complete and sign the following forms and return to BBI within the given time frames AFTER an invitation has been sent.

4.8.1. Player Agreement (Provided in Player Agreement information)

4.8.2. Medical History Authorisation form (Provided in Player Agreement information)

4.8.3. Player Release Form (Provided in Player Agreement information)

4.8.4. Player Self-Evaluation Form (Provided in Player Agreement information)



If a member of another association wishes to try out for a Brisbane Capitals Junior Representative Team, they MUST meet the above eligibility criteria and have completed and submitted to BQ a FULL Player Transfer BEFORE the first trial event. To be eligible for selection, the Transfer MUST be approved by BQ.  Note: Permission to Train forms are no longer accepted by BBI for representative team trial purposes.



To ensure a transparent selection process, BBI has set out specific selection criteria to be used across all Brisbane Capitals Representative Teams. This will make certain the selection of players is fair and in accordance with the objective of this policy.


Basketball is a complex, dynamic, multi-faceted, open-skill sport with a variable game environment, which impacts on performance. Consequently, there is no single objective measure that can be used to compare one player against another. Although the attributes that affect performance can be defined (as selection criteria), it is impossible to objectively define a set “standard” for these criteria, relative to successfully performing in a specific event. Consequently the process of selection requires a selector to subjectively weigh up, assess and define what they believe the standard of an individual player is, against the criteria. This is a subjective decision tempered by the experience and expertise of the selector. Consequently, subjectivity will always remain an unavoidable element of selection.


Processes and procedures for Brisbane Capitals selection are designed to overcome any of the more undesirable elements of subjectivity in selection, such as bias, prejudice, or lack of expertise. Many layers of procedure have been identified to ensure that the negative impact of these elements will have been counteracted prior to a final selection decision being made.


Players are eligible to be considered for selection once they have successfully met the Eligibility Criteria set out in Section 4.


Brisbane Capitals Junior Representative Teams use the following five (5) selection criteria as a basis of selection – Character, Skill & Talent, Athleticism, Relevant Performances at Previous Events, and Considerations where possible of a Balanced Group of Players taking into account position specific attributes where practicable. 


Subject to the overriding factors described in Section 9, the Representative Team will be selected according to the following:




5.1. CHARACTER “the quality of moral strength & integrity”

  • Team First Attitude: Basketball is a team sport and often requires players to take on roles and responsibilities for the benefit of the team, which will require personal sacrifice for the team - selflessness
    Motivation, Enthusiasm and Energy: The postive internal drive within a player to improve, to put in extra time to develop, everytime they either visualise or step onto the court. 
    Effort and Focus: The attention each player gives to putting in their best effort each and everytime they practice and compete.
  • Maturity: Do not need to be continually directed what to do. They show initiative, think of others first, and are resilient under pressure not allowing petty things distract them from the task at hand.
    Respectful: Towards self; team mates; opposition; game; officials; spectators; program and coaching staff
    Positive Attitude: Individual application in training and competition. Attendance, availability and ability to rehabilitate from injury.
  • Competitive ability: Mentally tough, resilience and ability to deal with adversity both On & Off the court. Temperament, determination, commitment, coping with setbacks/criticism, and persistence.
  • Coachable: Ability to listen, learn, retain, and apply the skills of basketball; e.g. the adaption of the player to the performance environment through the application of game observations, and coach instructions, feedback, and direction.
  • Responsibility: Responsible for own actions & accountable for own performance.
  • Compatibility: Individual’s ability to “fit in” and influence the team in a positive manner.
  • Openness: Ability of the player to communicate positively with staff and be open to accept suggestions from coaching staff regarding performance improvement. Players should be able to verbalize concerns regarding coaching and team issues in a calm, mature and non-emotive manner to allow for positive discussion to resolve problems.

5.2. SKILL “an ability to do something well, due to knowledge, practice, training etc” & TALENT “a natural or acquired ability, especially an outstanding one”

To what extent does the player possess a level of skill or talent that is commensurate with the demands of the game at her/his level and in relation to other competitors (considering team balance requirements outlined in 5.5 below)

  • Rate of improvement and ability to learn: Implied through improved performance. Weight is placed on player’s ability to learn rather than on what they have learnt. Current performance level relative to past performances (including the ability to apply coach feedback). This is particularly important for the identification and selection of project players.
  • Technical Competence: Capability of player to perform skills under pressure, including finishing, shooting, dribbling, passing, receiving, on ball containment.
  • Tactical Nous – Tactical Ability: Includes reading the play, involvement in the game, on-field decision-making and positional flexibility. Ability to apply and utilise information provided by coaching staff and related to team and individual performance.
  • Game Awareness & Understanding: Uses rules of the game ethically, is aware of score, clock, foul count, hot hand, defensive weak link, understands the importance of the pillars of offence i.e. spacing, positioning, timing etc., and defence i.e. ball pressure, possession, rebounding etc.
  • Pattern Recognition, Anticipation, Problem Solving & Decision Making (Perceptual Cognitive Skills): Reads Offensive and Defensive cues, and the tempo of the game to the teams' advantage. Use of team tactics to work for high percentage offensive plays (i.e. recognise and find the advantage, navigate denial or blitzing defences, makes plays off the dribble or catch, get team mate open etc.) or take away opponents strengths (i.e. defending the low post different ways within the team defensive plan, forcing a shooter to drive, or take away a players right hand, safety - no lay up).  
  • Mental Skills: Including a growth mindset (open to taking on difficult challenges and finding away to overcome them), task orientation to improve skills, stay focused/in the moment when under pressure, ability to deal effectively with adversity (next play approach).
  • Areas of Impact: The extent to which a player impacts the game in a positive and constructive way - i.e. defensive stopper, rebounder, gets and keeps possession for the team (loose ball, is efficient with ball - no turnovers, high percentage plays), creates for team mates and gets them open, scorer, shooter, team leader (by example, encouragement and enforcement).
  • Contributions: To what extent does this player bring something extra to the team that coaches feel will be invaluable or required. Areas such as leadership, team spirit, and team unity (mateship).
  • Promise: Brisbane Basketball is committed to the identification and selection of Project Players who possess the aptitude to grow as a player and qualitities that coaches deem so special that opportunity must be given now to this player to develop on one of the teams. 

5.3. ATHLETICISM “physically strong & active”

Physical capacities and attributes that lend themselves to dynamic requirements of basketball. Examples:

  • Speed and Agility;
  • Height, Size, and Length;
  • Physically Tough;
  • Reaction and Anticipation (Quick Hands);
  • Physical Condition (fitness)

5.4. RELEVANT PERFORMANCES AT PREVIOUS EVENTS within the twelve months prior to selection to the squad or team. Events include, but are not limited to, the following:
Note: Although they may be used as a reference by the selection panel, statistical achievements at the club or school level are NOT definitive nor all-encompassing representations of a child's talent, ability or capability at the representative level. Innate, pre-adolescent or adolescent characteristics do not automatically translate into exceptional performance in older adolescents or adult representative teams. Hence the make up of Under 16 and Under 18 GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE representative teams are often quite different from two or more years earlier.  

  • Brisbane Capitals Junior Representative Team Selection trials.
  • International junior events (U17 & U19 Australian Junior Programs)
  • National junior events (Australian Junior Championships, Australian Development Camps, Australian School Championships)
  • State events (State Championships, BQJBC, NPP, SPP and FDP camps)
  • BBI local club competitions and programs (Junior and Senior)
  • Other competitions which may be considered (where players have competed/participated such as school competitions)

5.5. A BALANCED GROUP OF PLAYERS (in accordance with 6.4. below): Where possible with consideration of playing positions, identification of project players, enabling development of a team which matches the desired playing approaches and strategies. It is important to recognise that the selection panel is not necessarily selecting the "10 Best" players as viewed by popular opinion, but they will do their utmost to select 10 players that they believe will fit together to make the best team. 



5A.1. Where a Head Coach has additional “Team Specific” selection criteria; they are to provide these to each athlete (parent/guardian) before the first selection event (this may include regular updates throughout the course of the selection process).

5A.2. Commitment to Team: To what extent are players able to commit to, and comply with, the demands of the representative team practice and competition calendar requirements.

5A.3. It is the players (and parent/guardian) responsibility to read and understand the selection criteria, and any additional selection criteria set by the coaching staff.

5A.4. Previous selection to a representative team does NOT guarantee future representative team selection. Furthermore, previous non-selection does NOT omit a player from future representative team selection.





When considering team selections, it is important to select players in teams (Talent Confirmation or Talent Development) that are best suited to their stage of development as well as recognising individual player's commitment to the program (including attendance at practice) self-development and effort. 

6.1. BBI assesses each registered player for trials against the Eligibility Criteria in Section 4. All ineligible players will be notified BEFORE invitations are sent to successful players. 
6.2. BBI appoints the Selection Panel as per section 7.

6.2.1 The selection panel will conduct trials in accordance with the guidelines and direction

set out by the BBI Performance Manager

6.3. Players attend and compete at Selection Try Out events as determined by BBI and age group Head


6.3.1. See Section 8 below in the event of extenuating circumstances.

6.3.2. See Section 8A below in the event of injury or illness prior to, or during, selection process.

6.4. Players will be selected in accordance to the team context (Talent Confirmation, Talent Development, Gender, Age Group and identified team considerations).

6.4.1. Talent Confirmation Teams (GOLD: U14, U16, U18) considerations: select ten (10)

players that best support the Selection Philosophy (section 2) and Objective (section 3) against the Selection Criteria (section 5).

6.4.2. Talent Development Teams (All U12 Teams, BRONZE/SILVER U14, U16 U18) considerations: select ten (10) players for each Talent Development Team that best support the Selection Philosophy (section 2) and Objective (section 3) against the Selection Criteria (section 5), including players who have been identified as future Talent Confirmation Team prospects in the next 12 - 36 months.

6.4.3. Brisbane Basketball Inc. supports and encourages the selection of identified project

players in consultation with the Performance Manager for player talent development purposes

6.5. At the conclusion of each selection trial, the selection panel will meet to discuss player selections including the formulation of a depth chart for the age group.

6.5.1. Where practicable, a representative of the selection panel may promote selection considerations to the trial group and attending parent/guardians (if relevant) as the selection decision draws closer.    



6B.1. Players will be notified of announcement procedures throughout the try out process.

6B.2. All team announcements will be made after the conclusion of the Third Try Out event for each respective program.  

6B.2.1. Prior to announcing the team, successful players will be sent an email of invitation to a representative team.  

6B.2.2. Each successful player is to confirm either ACCEPT or DECLINE the invitation BEFORE the teams are finalised and the official announcement is made via the BBI Website. 

6B.2.3. In the event of a Squad announcement, players will be notified well in advance of the team announcement procedure.

6B.3. Once the team is announced on the BBI Website, successful players will be sent the payment options and following forms for completion. Finalisation of the team selection is complete once all team members have committed to a payment option and completed the required forms. 

6B.3.1. Player Agreement

6B.3.2. Medical History and Authorisation form

6B.3.3. Player Release Form

6B.3.4. Player Self-Evaluation Form



Due to the large player numbers attending representative team trials BBI requires players who seek feedback to complete a Brisbane Capitals Player Self-Evaluation form BEFORE the commencement of the first trial. This form is to be emailed to the BBI Performance Manager prior to the first trial. Completing this form has two steps. First, the individual player is required to complete the self-evaluation paying careful attention to the rating system. Secondly, the player is required to have a suitably qualified coach complete the coach-evaluation section of the form. A suitably qualified coach must have at least a Level 2 Coach Accreditation and as a minimum three years recent experience head coaching in a similar coaching context (i.e. U16 Girls SILVER) or higher. 



The selection panel for each respective Representative Team will comprise of both the GOLD and SILVER head coaches and a representative of BBI or their delegate.



8.1. In considering the performance of players at events, trials, training camps or other attendances required under this policy, the Selection Panel may in their discretion give weight to extenuating factors.
8.2. For the purposes of clause 8.1, extenuating circumstances means an inability to compete, attend training camps or perform at an optimum level arising from:

8.2.1. Injury or Illness

8.2.2. Travel delays

8.2.3. Equipment failure

8.2.4. Bereavement of personal misfortune, and/or

8.2.5. Any other factors reasonably considered by the BBI General Manager to constitute extenuating circumstances

8.3. Players unable to compete at events, trials, training camps or other attendances required under this policy must advise the BBI Performance Manager of this fact by completing the Representative Trial Exemption Form and stating the reasons thereof as soon as practicable after the extenuating circumstances arise;

8.4. In the case of illness or injury refer to section 8A below;

8.5. The respective Selection Panel on an individual basis will make a decision in each case of extenuating circumstances.



In the event a player is unable to attend selection trial events due to injury or illness before the team selection is announced, the following procedure will be applied.

8A.1. If an evaluation of the player (assessment against the selection criteria) has already been done, that evaluation will be considered for the final selection.

8A.2. To be eligible for selection, the injured or ill player is required to:

8A.2.1. Demonstrate that they are following a return-to-play protocol designed by a health professional

8A.2.2. Provide the Performance Manager with a medical certificate from a medical professional confirming that the player will be cleared to play at least two weeks prior to the BQJBC Grading Tournament.  

8A.3.If an evaluation of the player has not been completed, due to the circumstances of the players condition, an assessment of the players' ability to compete will be determined by the selection panel based on the players recent prior representation at the Division One Association, State or National level.

8A.4.If an evaluation of the player has not been completed, and there is no recent prior representation at the Division One Association, State or National level available for the selection panel to draw on, it will be determined that the players is deemed unable to complete the selection process and the player will be withdrawn from the selection process.



9.1. Addition to Brisbane Capitals Junior Representative Team: The Selection Panel may, in its absolute discretion, add players to the Junior Representative Squad or Team at any stage, subject to those players satisfying the relevant eligibility and selection criteria.

9.2. Removal from Brisbane Capitals Junior Representative Squad or Team may occur when a player:

  • Breaches or fails to observe this policy
  • Breaches of fails to observe the player code of behaviour, and other polices set out by BBI – Social Media Policy, Member Protection
  • By reasons of illness or injury is unable to perform to the required standard in the opinion of the Selection Panel (after having received advice from medical practitioner
  • Breaches of fails to fulfil a requirement of the Anti-Doping Policy of Basketball Australia
  • Breaches of fails to observe the Brisbane Capitals Junior Representative Team player agreement
  • Fails to adhere fully to the specified training program



10.1. Following selection of the team as set out in this policy, all members of the team will be required to comply with the following additional requirements.

10.1.1. All members of the team are expected to meet minimum standards of behaviour for team members while assembled, travelling or training as part of the team. Any member who does not meet that minimum standard of behaviour in the assessment of the head coach will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include dismal from team

10.1.2. Failure to commit to the approved practice and competition requirements of the team without extenuating circumstances is considered a breach of this policy and players may be removed from the team and replaced.

10.1.3. All team members must immediately inform the head coach of any illness or injury that could reasonably impact on the player’s ability to perform at the level expected of the player at the time of either the BQJBC games or State Championships.

10.1.4. All team members will be required to submit medical clearance as required to resume training/playing.

10.1.5. If at any time prior to departure for a BQJBC game or the State Championships any team member is assessed injured, ill or unfit, that team member may be withdrawn from the team at the discretion of the head coach in consultation with BBI General Manager.

10.1.6. Team members may be required to attend a pre-championships camp prior to the State Championships.

10.1.7. All players must be financial with the association unless arrangements have been made with the association. Failure to pay fees will result in a player not be permitted to play until payment is made.



The sole grounds for any appeal are that the selection policy was not properly followed and/or implemented. There is no right of appeal against a decision of the Selection Panel under Clause 9.1. 



This policy may be amended or supplemented by the Brisbane Basketball Inc. Board at is discretion in order to achieve the above objective and specifically where matters arise which, in the sole opinion of the BBI Board, have not been provided for in this policy or where the literal application of this policy would not achieve the above objective. Any variation or amendment must be in writing given by the General Manager on behalf of BBI who will endeavour to give as much notice as possible to all persons affected by any amendment or supplement to this policy.